Using Jenga bricks as spaceship compartments…

The flight crew settle in and try to fire up the shuttle as quickly as possible…


Zhodani Commanders issue an order…DSC_1078

Zhodani Shock troops capture the Imperial Marine sentries outside…DSC_1075

The Droyne Engineer hides inside the engine room…DSC_1074

Two of the ship’s crew hide in the speeder bay…DSC_1073

The Imperial boarding party cautiously send the robots towards the ship’s doctor…DSC_1072

A squad of Psionic Institute Agents lay in wait…DSC_1071

The ship’s doctor, holding a laser pistol behind his back and flanked by two astrodroids, offers the Marine Commander a bottle of the finest Rhylanor ale. In the Captain’s cabin two entertainers and a sophont hide…


The female Aslan navigator and the security officer lay in wait…


The Contessa hides a message inside another astrodroid as a humaniform TL Darrian Linguistic robot causes an unplanned distraction…DSC_1067

The flight crew rolled a 1. Looks like the Zhodani shock troops are going to take the contraband, while the party are going to have an awkward time returning the survivors of the Imperial Marine platoon to Merctactor…



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