35000 ton Light Cruiser Luraannr

My first ship with a spinal weapon:

The Luraannr Class Light Cruisers were brought from reserve in 1101 and at Darrian shipyards the vessels were modernized under a covert programme of re-armament. Packing a spinal weapon, 350 Marines and 48 fighters, the Luraannr class carry out diverse roles. Inherent issues in the older vessels remain though, particularly with older screen defences and the lack of generous cargo space, combined with only a 12 day operating endurance, means the Luraannr class operate mainly as fleet vessels.

CRAFT ID: TL: 16 MCr21,731.19 (Cruiser)

HULL: 31500/78750, Displacement=35000
Config=4S, Armour=40G (0)
Loaded=424,140.98, Unloaded=394,066.34

2063/4126, Fusion-G=650,057.1Mw Duration=298hrs/12 days
Extended Endurance=298hrs/12 days
Scoops Purifiers; whole tank in 12 hours
EM Mask  ExtEnd excludes: (0g)

Jump=4 1575/3150, Avionics-15 190kph
Maneuver=6G 5355/10710 Agility=0

Radio-Syst x 10Radio Jammer-Syst x 10Laser-Syst x 10

A-EMS (FrOb) x 3A-EMS Jammer (FrOb) x 3P-EMS (IntStlr) x 3Hi-Dnst-G (25km) x 3Neutrino-G (1 Kw) x 3Sensor scans: AOS=R AOP=R POS=R POP=R PES=S PEP=R

350 hardpoints; 290 occupied; batteries bearing 90 %

Triple Sand-16 x 48 in 6 batteries
Dual Laser-13 x 48 in 6 batteries
Triple Missile-13 x 18 in 6 batteries
Plasma-12 x 1 in 1 battery

50-ton Missile x 10 at Factor-A
50-ton Fusion Gun x 2 at Factor-B
50-ton Particle x 2 at Factor-6
Particle Spinal-E

Missile magazine:
HE=32 b/r Total=17728 missiles. 1 b/r=554 missiles

DefDM= 8
Nuclear Damper F-2 x 1
Meson Screen F-3 x 1

Computer=Model 9 x 3, Panels=Holographic Linked x 18994
Backup computer=Model 9 x 3
Basic Env(heat/light Basic LS (air/water) Ext LS (food/recyc)
Airlock x 350 Grav plates Inertial Comp

Bridge=13 Engineering=52 Gunners=54
Screen Ops=12 Flight=56 Maintainence=11
Command=33 Medical=1 Steward=8

Stateroom x 40 Std sickbay x 3 Small stateroom x 420 Low berths x 128

Shuttle x 2 95 tons Crew 2 TL 9
Cutter x 2 50 tons Crew 2 TL 9
Light fighter x 24 10 tons Crew 1 TL 9
Rampart fighter x 24 10 tons Crew 1 TL 15
EVA – EEV Module x 60 2 tons Crew 1 TL15

TLF Misc humaniform robot 561×2-A2-PM327-FDC3(J) x 9 0 tons Crew 0 TL 15 TLD Nursing assistant robot 653×2-A2-EE112-N831 x 9 0 tons Crew 0 TL 13
TLE Bartender robot 553×2-A2-LM223-NA63 x 9 0 tons Crew 0 TL 14
TLF Engineer robot 753xE-F3-LL115-PF52 x 9 0 tons Crew 0 TL 15
TLE Lab technician robot 623×2-A7-LL211-MF52 x 9 0 tons Crew 0 TL 14
TLF Battle medibot 716xD-M6-LM-224-SF73 x 9 0 tons Crew 0 TL 15

Launch tube x 2 displacement 10 tons

Cargo=425 tons
Fuel=210371 Kl/15583 tons
One jump requires 29531KL/2187 tons of fuel

Basic software x 1 Camera eye x 7000 + passive InfraRed x 7000 + light intensifier x 7000 Schematic display bd x 14 Hatch controllers x 1 Gravity controllers x 1 Hull electrics x 14 Keypad x 1400 Retina scanner x 1400

Laser rifle x 250 Laser carbine x 250 Laser pistol x 250
Hull electrics x 14 Gas dischargers x 7000

HIGH GUARD:M446?93-093200-7BE0A-0

Weapons reflected are highest values.
Designed by SHIPS for Windows III v 16.36


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